Does It Take Time To Get Shutters for Home

Does It Take Time To Get Shutters for Home


    You might be thinking of renovating or getting a new house. During this process, there are many things which you have to keep in mind from start to finish. One such requirement is the installation of shutters as they play a very essential role in the security as well as changing the aesthetics of your home. At ADV, you can get shutter created as well as installed. One major concern of the clients is how long does it take for the entire process to complete? We have mentioned the time frame for your reference:

       • The first shutter consultation with our team

    The first part is getting to know what is your requirement and every small detail. Our team will visit the construction site or your home to get the measurement where the new shutters need to be installed. We will also discuss design and color options so that the final product is according to your requirement. It might take some time for consultation because it depends on the time of year and if it is the peak time of the year. But we assure one thing as soon as everything is finalized further process will start. We also want that the customers should feel happy and satisfied with their decision.

       • Manufacturing the shutter

    The manufacturing takes slightly longer time as all the roller shutters need to be made according to the measurement. It is important that every corner and part of the shutter should adjust in the best manner or hire the professional shutter company. We don’t want to waste your time also to get the shutter fixed again because they don’t fit the place properly. Our team will surely make a masterpiece in the first go so that it can be shipped at the right time for installation.

       • Process of installation

    Some people think that they can install them on their own which is quite difficult. Its installation needs proper attention and professional expertise. If there are interior shutter than it will take at least 1 hour for installation. If the window is larger than it might take 3 to 4 hours. If it is for exterior than it takes 3 hours for a small area. The team will make sure the shutters are installed safely and all the security measure are taken. Once the installation is done, the person who is supervising the team will make sure everything is done according to the requirement and the way you wanted.

    Your wait will definitely meet the expectations when the final product is installed. Call the team if you are thinking or looking to get them installed and we make sure the product is delivered on time.

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