Different Types Of Curtain Walling System And Advantages

Different Types Of Curtain Walling System And Advantages


    What is a curtain wall?

    Curtain walling system is defined as a thin aluminum-framed wall. This wall is basically fabricated with strong glass which offers you better security and safety from external components. Curtain walls are generally installed at the exterior structure of the building in order to give pleasant appeal to your building structure. Majority of people install them in order to secure their premises from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, and direct sunlight. They provide you thermal efficiency which is useful to control natural temperature.

    Types of Curtain Wall System

    Curtain walls are of two types, for example, stick curtain wall system and unitized wall system. Installation of these systems depends on you that what type of material do you need. These are explained as below-:

    Stick Curtain Wall System

    Stick curtain wall system is explained as the components that are assembled piece by piece on the exterior structure of the building. These systems are useful for small building structures. These systems are usually known for low shipping cost, labor and time-saving.

    Unitized Curtain Wall System

    Unitized curtain wall systems are basically installed at the large or high building structures. These are installed floor to floor height of the structure. Additionally, these type of curtain walls does not need external support such as cranes. These systems offer you many benefits such as fast installation and construction. Moreover, these are quite popular among people because of better quality components. But these type of curtain walling needs high shipping cost because they need large trucks in order to load and deliver them at the location.

    Benefits of curtain walls

    Keeping out air and water

    The main advantage of curtain walls is to keeping water and air out of the building.

    This additionally acts as an insulator and a buffer. Moreover, these curtain walls are easy to maintain and clean, also durable and strong.

    Thermal Efficiency

    Curtain walls offer you thermal efficiency, which is useful to control temperature. With this feature, you do not need extra cooling and heating units in order to control temperature. These walls are also useful to lower down your electricity bill. Moreover, these walls are useful to control direct sunlight or UV rays that are harmful to the building as well as your skin.

    Slowing the Spread of Fire

    Curtain walls offer you benefit to control flame, in the event if your building catches fire. It acts as a barrier between the building and fire. Moreover, provide you a long time to escape from the building in order to save yourself in the situation of fire or flame. You should contact a professional installer, he will tell you the details about curtain walling.

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