Different Types Of Commercial Roller Shutters Available In The Market

Different Types Of Commercial Roller Shutters Available In The Market


    Roller shutters are the buzzword when it comes to having the ultimate protection and immunity from the inclement weather. ADV provides impeccable services in the supply of roller shutters and roller shutter repair. The roller shutters have found their way to all kinds of buildings, whether commercial or residential for all the good qualities they stand for. They are equally popular in the commercial as well as residential buildings. Therefore, they are an ideal fixture for shops, homes, and warehouses.

    Types of commercial roller shutters

    Here are the various types of roller shutters available in the market so that you can get the most suitable one for your building

    Pull and push commercial roller shutters– These shutters are ideal for smaller areas. That is not the only plus point about them. They also come at cheap prices and require cheap and easy maintenance. It is the most basic form of roller shutters, yet it provides maximum protection. Therefore it is used mainly for shopfronts and garages so that they are well-protected.

    Grilled commercial roller shutters– These commercial roller shutters are used at places that require security and ventilation at the same time. They are also used at places that require high visibility to the outside. They are grilled structures so they provide the requisite protection along with the ventilation.

    Industrial grilled commercial roller shutters– These are used mainly by the industries that need protection in a particular section of the industry. They are widely used as they weigh less and are transparent.

    M.S commercial roller shutters– These are either grilled or perforated and are manufactured of steel. They are efficient at performing all the functions of a roller shutter and at the same time remaining rust free. The transparent types offer high visibility outside it, along with high protection.

    Aluminum Commercial rolling shutter– Aluminium commercial roller shutters are quite common as they provide good looking as well as offer excellent security functions. Not only this, but they are also durable. Another advantage they show is that they are quite noiseless in their functioning. While most of the roller shutters make a heavy sound while opening or closing, these roller shutters are noiseless.

    Double-wall commercial roller shutters– These are available with automatic functioning, ease of operation and noiseless opening and closing. They serve well as they provide excellent security features and protection against miscreants.

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