Difference between Storefront and Curtain Wall

Difference between Storefront and Curtain Wall


    Storefront and curtain walls are architectural terms refer to the framing system and glass for the exterior of a commercial building. It might look the same, but they both are different from each other which includes its assembling and used for various applications. Read the given topic to understand it in detail.

    The curtain wall and storefront might look the same in appearance. Both of them are designed to protect the building from the harmful weather conditions and they also help in providing the outside view. But, this is where the similarity ends. The curtain walling system and storefront are designed to suit the need for which they are installed.

    Reviewing the features along with its differences with the manufacturer and other team members will help to create a strong structural envelope for the building. If you are wondering what is the difference between the two so that you can make the right choice here is the quick explanation for your understanding.

    Difference: Storefront and Curtain Wall

    Well, there are architectural terms used for the building exterior. These are linked to the building whether it is at the stress level or it gets attached to the entire building. Different factors need to be kept in mind to get them installed.

    Curtain Wall

    Many top-rated buildings have installed a curtain wall in London. These are attached to the exterior without any load and simply hang from the floor slabs. The best part of these systems is that it has a self-drain water system with it.

    The height of the curtain wall is around 25 feet or higher as per the building design. The curtain wall is attached to the multiple floors and they are glazed. The glass is attached to the frame front. The depth of the curtain wall framing is 5’’ to 10’’ and its thickness is 2″ or 2 1/2″.


    Storefront is termed as a non-residential, non-load bearing system for the commercial windows and doors. They are usually between the structure and floor which is designed for strength and high use. The storefront spans are around 10 feet high or less.

    Mostly, the installation of the storefront is done on the ground floor but it can also be done on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Storefront is centre glazed and they do not have a water draining system.

    Main Differences

    • Curtain wall is taller

    The curtain wall is for frames that are more than 13 feet or might be used for 11 to 12 feet tall frames. However, the storefront is installed for frames up to 10 feet.

    • Curtain wall is thicker

    Curtain wall depth is 2.5in and thickness is 8in deep.

    • Curtain wall is for multiple floors

    Typically, the storefront is for the ground floor.

    If you are looking for the installation then talk to our team for quality and on-time service.

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