Difference Between Fire Curtains And Fire-rated Roller Shutters?

Difference Between Fire Curtains And Fire-rated Roller Shutters?


    Fire Curtains

    Fire curtains comprise of sheets of fireproof material used at entrances of buildings to prevent fire damage. They obstruct the flames and the smoke and give the occupants of the building a time frame to evacuate the building and keep the area sealed from the rest of the area. They are also known to keep the fire to a limited area until the help arrives. Roller shutter repair services are readily available in case there is a problem. They offer a reasonably priced and flexible solution to buildings which are prone to fire. They help in granting the following advantages to the building-

    1. Effective protection in case a fire breaks out
    2. Helpful in extending the evacuation time
    3. Reduction in the damage incurred to life and property.
    4. Inconspicuous from the visibility point of view

    Fire-rated shutters

    Fire-rated roller shutters are the roller shutters which have been designed specifically to withstand the damage caused by fire. They are manufactured out of fire-resistant material. They also have a layer of synthetic outer skin which gets a boost in efficiency due to it’s bonding with an insulated core. These shutters prove to be instrumental in keeping the fire contained by automatically getting activated, sounding an alarm and shutting down to seal the area under fire. It functions as a fire curtain and helps in preventing the spread of fire and loss of lives and property. It also helps the employees in getting time to evacuate the building safely.

    What’s the difference then?

    Both are effective fire preventive installations. They also help in giving time to the occupants for evacuating. But there are differences between the two –

    Fire curtains are less visually obtrusive than fire rated shutters. This feature makes them more versatile as they prove to be suitable for a wide variety of commercial buildings. They are also suitable for internal use like lift entrance and stairwells. They can be installed without interfering with the daily activity of the employees.

    All the fire curtains undergo rigorous tests under strict certification standards.

    • They can provide fire protection for up to 240 minutes.
    • Fire shutters provide fire protection for large and small openings.
    • They can offer 1,2,3, or 4 hours of protection according to their standard.
    • They are fully tested and carry a certification according to the latest standard.
    • They are capable of handling very high temperatures like 1200C.
    • They help in reducing the cost of fire insurance of the  building

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