Curtain Walling: The ins and outs of it

Curtain Walling: The ins and outs of it


    Curtain walling is a fashionable trend. We offer curtain walling installation. We would also like to give information about it.

    Curtain walling has many options in it and one must choose carefully according to one’s requirements. The main options which are available in the curtain walling range are as follows-

    Stick systems are installed on the site in the one piece in a timely manner. Initially, the frame components are reassembled. The frame is installed, then the glazing is inserted within. These systems are used for smaller projects as they bring the cost down. They are also a good choice for complicated shapes. Both the situations benefit as the lead time is decreased considerably.

    Semi-unitized systems These are manufactured on the site itself. It provides the advantage of minimum installation time and better scope of quality control. You can choose from a range of profile depths according to your structural requirements. Semi unitized systems have high thermal tolerance; therefore, they can cope up in extreme weather conditions.

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    There are many other things which you need to consider while choosing curtain walling. You can choose from a wide range of colors and depth. This feature enables the architects to create suitable designs which look nice and fulfil the requirements of the building regulations.

    Once you have chosen among the stick or semi unitized systems, you have a multitude of other options to include-

    1. Thermal performance-The overall thermal performance must be assessed before choosing the right option. The curtain walls heat loss is determined by framing, central panelling, and glazing. The specific U-calculation must be done before making the final choice.
    2. Glazing material-Glass is the most preferred choice. It may be used in the double or triple glazed variety. It may also be treated with a reflective coating, Low- e coating or other treatments. Besides glass, some other materials may be used to increase the aesthetic value. These include metal and fiber-reinforced plastic. Instead of solid panels, one might get louvers and vents installed.
    1. Profile dimensions-The final appearance of the building is deeply impacted by the framing around the glazing. The overall performance of the curtain walling is also influenced by the framing. A wide range of choices is available as far as aluminium

    frames are concerned. They are available in a variety of depths and choice of cover caps which come in various shapes and thickness.

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    We offer all the curtain walling solutions. We also undertake curtain walling repair. Should you decide about any curtain walling repair or installation, kindly contact us.

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