Common Problems That Occur With Bi-folding Doors And How To Fix Them

Common Problems That Occur With Bi-folding Doors And How To Fix Them


    Bi-fold doors are a great decision for your home. Bi-fold doors provide you many advantages, for example, control natural light. In addition, bi-fold doors are appropriate for smaller spaces. Bi-fold doors are an ideal choice if you want to expand your living room space in any season or in any weather. Make sure to maintain and clean these door properly. You can also seek help from experts for emergency door maintenance.

    Here are a couple of tips that are useful to maintain your bi-fold doors. You should clean them regularly in order to keep them as new ones. You should also clean tracks and seals to avoid any harm and damage.

    Clean the tracks regularly-:

    Every single moving part of the bi-fold door requires less maintenance. But you should do routine checking in order to keep it in good condition. You should apply some grease or oil on tracks and seals. It is beneficial for the proper working of bi-fold doors. It is imperative that you guarantee that the tracks at the base of the doors are in perfect condition. You should use a little brush to clean the dust and dirt from the track.

    Clear any blocked drainage slots or holes-:

    To clean the seals, use soapy solution and cotton cloth. You should avoid other cleaning products to clean the seals. Because these are harmful to the seals and tracks. You can spray silicone on seals twice a year. It is useful to maximize the working of seals. In order to maintain gaskets new, rub them with oil or grease stick.   If you find any damage to gaskets then call your installer immediately. If they need replacing, then do it as soon as possible. You should wash your door with fresh water once a week.

    Cleaning the frames-:

    In most of the cases, frames of the bi-fold doors do not require extra cleaning. But you should clean them twice a week with cotton cloth. You should avoid using any sort of harsh cleanser on frames. It can prompt damage. Moreover, it can cause cracks in aluminum frames. Paraffin-based cleaning solutions are a good choice. You can buy these from a supermarket or from manufacturers. Moreover, this is a great solution to clean any type of stain from the door.

    Check locks-:

    You should check the internal and external locks of your door regularly. These are necessary to secure your belongings from any damage. You should grease them once a month. If you find any harm to locks, then change them immediately in order to avoid any damage.

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