Choosing the Most Ideal Shutter for your Home

Choosing the Most Ideal Shutter for your Home


    You are spoilt for choices when it comes to shutters. With the wide diversity in which they are designed, it becomes difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Whether it is a domestic shutter or a commercial shutter, there are several styles, materials and louver sizes from which you can choose. While selecting a shutter for yourself, keep the following factors in mind, so that you end with the ideal choice. We aim to help you with the selection process by specifying the finer details about the points you should consider while selecting them.

    Panel Style

    You can choose from various panel styles- Full shutters, Double-hung shutters, or Café style shutters. Full shutters cover the entire window and open only one way. Double-hung shutters have top and bottom shutters which can be opened from the top or bottom or both. Café style shutters provide coverage of half the window so that you can have an unobstructed view from the top half.

    Shutter Material

    Wood shutters are for those who want an elegant, warm look while poly stands for high durability and insulation. Both have their own set of benefits, according to the quality chosen. For example, some poly shutters provide UV and moisture resistance along with high insulation. Some wood shutters offer a durable, environmentally safe option that provides better light control.

    Louver Sizes

    Louvers are the name given to horizontal slats that make up the shutters. The amount of light entering your building will depend on the size you choose.  A large louver size will give you a clear view and plenty of natural light. Smaller louver size is a good option if you have smaller windows and don’t need much light. A larger louver size for a small window is not a good idea as it can make the window look disproportionate.


    You will have several colors to choose from for your shutters. Now, the choice has to be done carefully. The color you choose should match the existing color scheme so that the visual effect is pleasant. The colors available will vary with the brands and styles of various companies.

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