Bi-Fold Doors: A New Version of Shop Fronts

Bi-Fold Doors: A New Version of Shop Fronts


    Choose your security

    When a person needs to install a security door for the entrance to his office or home, there are many options to consider. A vast range of choices is available in the market and the owner might land up being utterly confused. He might not know what to choose from the likes of bi-fold doors, sliding doors, crittal doors etc. But there is nothing to worry about. We will help you out with the options and help you choose the best one according to your needs. We will keep you updated about the latest information on shopfronts in London.


    Bi-fold doors

    You opt for any type of door, your safety will not be compromised. Many customers are skeptical when it comes to bi-fold doors that installing them might pose a threat to their security but it is not so. They are akin to a brick wall when it comes to the security quotient. These doors are made out of glass and aluminum. The glass used is not the ordinary kinds. It has been toughened to offer optimum security. The glass is so strong that it can handle the metallic objects being hurled at it. Other cutting tools are also rendered ineffective when they are used against this type of glass. As the glass has been created thermally, it is no surprise that it can endure extremely high temperatures and still keep your home safe. So you needn’t worry about the quality of glass being used in bi boors. The supplier and installer are quite knowledgeable about which glazing mechanism to employ during the installation of bi-fold doors. Bi-folding shopfronts in London are the becoming quite popular.

    Locking systems

    The bi-fold doors are supplied with various locking systems. They may be supplied with multi-point locking systems. The locks are incorporated in such a way that the intruders will find it a daunting task to locate the locks, leave alone trying to take it out. Any attempt to uninstall the doors by the burglars will also be of no use. This is so because the bottom tracks of the door have been drilled into the concrete and secured with steel lock pins.

    Not like conservatories 

    The bi-fold doors are not like conservatories as is often presumed to be. Conservatories are made up of the UPVC frames with glass panels. Their glass is the normal kinds and thus poses a grave security risk.

    The bottomline

    Bi-fold doors are a class apart and offer the maximum security a glass door can. More and more people are opting for these kinds of doors. They have stood the tests of time and come out with flying colors.  Bi-fold doors are undoubtedly an excellent choice.

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