Best Ways to protect your shopfronts

Best Ways to protect your shopfronts


You are nearly settled in your new business and have started reaping the benefits of your toil. But something is giving you sleepless nights, isn’t it? Your financial progress might be attracting attention from illegal quarters. The burglars can get away with the hard earned money or your stock. The same goes for vandals which can strike in broad daylight. ADV suggests that you get a shopfront installed immediately. The retailer is likely to opt for glass shop fronts, but are they really safe? It might be a great marketing tool but it also presents a great temptation to the thieves lurking in the shadows. They are vulnerable to attacks, smashing and breaking. The days are not safe either as there is a risk of shoplifting in broad daylight too.

How to prevent it?

Don’t worry, there are ways to protect your shopfront. We told you that ADV is there to support you in all aspects of shopfronts,  so here we are with the advice on securing the shop fronts –

1. Use roller shutters or window grills

Roller shutters can be rolled down when the business hours cease. You can opt for the steel or the aluminum version. They are literally impenetrable and highly effective in blocking out the thieves. They offer good protection along with pleasant aesthetics as they are available in various colors and designs.

2. Shop Front Bollards

Set bollards to discourage vehicle usage near the new shopfronts. This will diminish the chances of the glass shattering due to the speeding vehicles. You don’t need to settle for the boring, bland stuff, you can opt for the decorative ones if they match or contact your shop’s exteriors. You could also get them painted or put featured plants on it. Of course, you need to consult the local authority before undertaking any construction. The construction should be carried out after seeking permission from the concerned authorities if the land is not owned by you.

3. Use security glass

Using security glass will ensure that the glass doesn’t shatter when it is broken or it suffers from a high impact. You can be assured of absolutely no problems if bricks or crowbars are used to create an impact on it. Even stones and hammers don’t have any effect on it. Even if the glass cracks, the strong film inside presents yet another challenge to pushing it open. Of course, these features will allow time for ringing the alarm and alert the vicinity and  local authorities

So, it is not as difficult to secure your shopfronts by following any or all of the above tips. The shopfront is the protector of your shop but we have specified the protector of the shopfronts. The extra layer of security will not only secure your building but your employees, hard-earned assets, and physical stock. Don’t wait for anything, just follow the advice and secure your security option. ADV provides all such facilities. You can opt for roller shutters and security glass from ADV. Wish we could do the bollard business as well but that is not possible. You can get in touch with us if you need any assistance from our side. .Happy security to our customers!

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