Benefits of Getting Highly Functional Electric Shutters for home

Benefits of Getting Highly Functional Electric Shutters for home


    The modern shutters are an inseparable part of the shops, warehouses offices, and homes. Roller shutters offer durable security systems which ensure the safety of your building. They constitute aluminum frames and curtains which offer a great amount of strength and great looks which is an unusual combination. It has led to better building protection. Shutters come in various forms-electric shutters and manual shutters. ADV supplies both the varieties of shutters for its customers. ADV team believes in delivering valuable services when there is a need for shutter repair after installation. Quite naturally, it is the best roller shutter company.

    Modern Electric/Solar Shutter Systems:

    A lot can be achieved with the modern roller shutter systems, which can be activated by using electricity or solar power. With them, you will have optimum security and safety. Given below are some of the advantages they offer:

    1. Physical barrier against intruders
    2. Ensures screening of light & noise
    3. Maximum amount of heat reduction

    Configuration of Electrically/Solar Operated Roller Shutters

    These shutters use internal motors for opening and closing. The use of motor makes these operations swift and convenient. It also doesn’t put much stress on the electricity as they don’t use a high amount to be operated. They can also be operated using a remoter control. It can be controlled by a handheld device which can control all the shutters of the house with a single button. Now that’s really comforting, isn’t it?

    Installation Site

    Such shutters can be installed anywhere in the building like doors, outside window, and garage.

    Why is it recommended? 

    They are the ideal addition to your home as:

    1. They offer convenience and smoothness of operation. They can either be operated through remote control or a control panel. In case, there is a power breakdown, they can function through UPS. Solar operated shutters come equipped with their own DC power.
    2. User-friendly 

    Enhanced user experience is another advantage you will experience with them. They come with the unique advantage of being controlled by a single remote at the same time. It ensures maximum security and a high level of security. It is also efficient in keeping the burglars, vandals, and intruders away from your building.

    1. High Comfort Level

    With the shutters showing 80 per cent cooling and 70 per cent warming during summers and winters respectively, what else would you want for your home? These shutters come with a high level of acoustic and temperature insulation. It wonderfully keeps you comfortable and reduces your electricity bills.

    With ADV, you will get the best roller shutters, whichever category you opt for. So, choose the best.

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