Automatic Doors in London | Automatic Doors Repair & Installation in Central London

Automatic Doors in London | Automatic Doors Repair & Installation in Central London


    Where have the Automatic Doors come from where they began?

    They are also a good example of change and also shows how electronics has gone way ahead in some years. We must think about automatic doors, as to what they were in the early years and how they have changed the years, that passed by. The automatic doors that we get to see today, are mostly energy savers, they do not make any noise, are secure, light in weight, to name a few things. Nothing can beat the Automatic doors in central London

    Automatic doors first came into being sometime in the 20th century, along with the electrical engine. The engine was able to upgrade the techniques used, to date. The system was able to allow waiters, to walk between kitchen and restaurant if they were to carry many plates or glasses and also in case of their hands full. Contact ADV for Automatic doors repair.

    Later on, many more replicas began to be made, overhead doors, folding, sliding, and many more. Slowly but steadily, the usage and safety of automatic doors began to take surface. Somewhere in the 1970’s, the first kind of remote control systems came into being, which permitted the opening and closing of doors even from some distance. Want to get automatic doors installation, ADV is just one call away.

    Let’s quickly have a look at some differences between automatic doors found today and those found in past:


    During all these times, technology has changed the models in automatic doors, besides sliding doors. Curved, telescopic, enclosed, revolving are just some of them.


    Automatic doors are much lighter than they used to be in the previous century. Earlier they used to be much heavier, and also needed more energy to operate.

    Energy usage

    The doors manufactured previously used to take up a good amount of energy that was because the engines that were used were not much developed as that we have in today’s times.


    In today’s times, access control, anti-crush or a trap protection system, give high safety. Besides these, elements to control fire, doors with break out systems can also be found out.


    The door made way back in 80- 90’s required more care and maintenance, and they were the least safe, so as to say. We, in this day and age, have all the quality and safety standards, be it in their creation, manufacture installation, hence, it goes without saying, that automatic doors maintenance is much safer and fast.

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