Aluminum Shop Fronts Vs Wood Shop Fronts

Aluminum Shop Fronts Vs Wood Shop Fronts


    Suppliers and buyers are deep down in debate over which material is better for doors- Aluminium or Timber? Well, the final choice obviously lies with the consumer but it is not a new conclusion that both the materials have their pros and cons. The final word comes from the consumer according to his preference. ADV is undoubtedly the best shop fronts company. At ADV, we follow the heart of the customer wholeheartedly but it’s our duty that we get you familiar with the intricate details of each and every material. So let’s see who wins the match of London aluminum shop fronts vs wood shop fronts.

    Wood or aluminum: the critical  comparison

    Aesthetic appeal

    Wooden shop fronts are high on aesthetics.  Wood has long been associated with classic designs and old world charisma. Wooden doors are a pleasing sight which impresses with their classic touch. So if you are looking for a material which exudes the old world charm but lives up to the demands of the modern lifestyle, then wood is the way to go.

    A quest for Durability

    Of course, you must be  wanting durability in your doors. Aluminum scores way above the rest of the materials, including wood in durability and strength. The fact is supported by the figures which show that as many as 90 % of the doors in commercial organizations are made of aluminum,while 75% of the residential doors are made of the same material.

    Maintenance : low or high

    Maintaining wood is much more time consuming and strenuous than aluminum. Repairing and resealing are commonly required, the negligence of which may lead to the need for replacement. With aluminum, there are no such hassles. They require low maintenance yet last longer.

    Powder coated looks

    Aluminum is the last thing to rust, peel or discolor due to the presence of the powder coated film.  Aluminum can be coated with a color which gives the timber effect. With wood, you will have to get it repainted time and again.

    Lock the heat in

    Timber is good at maintaining thermal efficiency right through the summer and winter seasons. Though aluminum scores low on this account, it can be made a better insulator by glazing it and using and using a warm edge spacer.


    Going by the prices, the aluminum doors prove to be more cost-effective than their wooden counterparts.

    Do you care for the environment?

    If you are a person who associates the environment with every step you take, then Aluminium is the  perfect choice for you. With infinite recyclability and only 5% usage of the total energy required to produce it from raw materials, it is the most conscious choice of the globally aware and responsible citizen. On the other hand, the same can’t be said about timber. Even the construction of a single door or a window comes after the destruction of one tree. Can you  , or rather the planet afford to lose a tree for your door?

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