Aluminium Shopfronts & Doors Installation in Holborn, Central London

Aluminium Shopfronts & Doors Installation in Holborn, Central London


Everything you wish to know about aluminium shop fronts right at one place

Aluminium Shopfronts

One can find many aluminium shopfronts in Holborn, Central London, which have an extensive range of aluminium shopfront. They are specially designed for meeting the needs of clients.

Aluminium shop fronts are applicable for:

  • Creating a barrier in the office or Office Partitioning
  • Retail Security Screens
  • Showroom Entrances
  • Office, School, Hospital and Medical Reception Entrances
  • Retail Store Fronts & Display Windows

Features of the aluminium shop fronts

  • Aluminium shop fronts are basically designed for commercial entrance.
  • They have an attractive appearance.
  • They are modern looking.
  • The basic place for shopfronts is busy places; they are also suited for different types of commercial applications.

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Aluminium Doors

  • Thermal Performance

Aluminium doors contribute an excellent thermal and sound insulation meeting current building regulations. The efficiency of thermal performance in aluminium frame is much higher than timber or PVC. Aluminium frame that is fabricated with high-performance aluminium is able to exceed energy efficiency standards and can also achieve improvement in heat gain and loss through the windows by about 60%

  • Sturdiness and Low Maintenance

Aluminium doors and windows are sturdy and also maintenance free, which makes it rust free property. They are also resistant to weather; they are able to handle harsh weather conditions. They do not swell, crack, split or warp over time and also ensure an extended product life.

  • Pocket-friendly

As compared to other framing options for both doors and windows, the aluminium frames are less expensive. They provide a strong and economical solution for any domestic and commercial appearance. Aluminium is about 3 times stronger than PVC and 4. 3 times stronger than wood.

  • Flexibility in design

Aluminium provides flexibility which is only limited by our imagination or mental strength and flexibility allow it to manufacture any product according to custom specifications.

In case you haven’t planned of Aluminium shopfronts installation, please do, at the earliest.

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