Advantages of Insulated Glass for Windows and Doors

Advantages of Insulated Glass for Windows and Doors


    Insulated glass is one of the best ways to minimize the transfer of heat from both windows and door. They are used in commercial buildings as well as industrial buildings. They help in converting energy because they have good thermal insulation as well as sound insulation feature. If you are thinking of installing a new window and door then you should definitely consider this option. Some of the advantages of which your business and house will get by selecting the insulated glass.

       • Energy efficient

    The Double glazing helps to reduce the amount of heat and light which comes in and goes out of the building or room. The energy conversion helps in maintaining the temperature inside the premises. Additionally, for better energy conversion low e coating can be applied to one side of the glass. This helps in blocking the infrared rays, UV rays, especially in the summer weather.

       • Sound Insulation

    Most of the owner choose the insulated glass for the shop fronts because of the sound insulation. To get full proof sound insulation, you have design the double glazed unit in either high frequency or low frequency or in both. To have better sound insulation, the air gaps should be increased between the glass panes. Normally the gap is around 6mm and it can be increased to 12mm.

       • Flexibility

    This gives you various options to choose according to your requirement. This means you are not limited to float glass. Various options are available such as tinted glass, toughened glass,  reflective glass, laminated glass, heat strengthened glass, patterned glass, or ceramic printed glass. The air gaps can be filled by using the stable glass which is also available in different options such as Argon, Xenon, and Krypton.

       • Safety

    One of the concerns of all the business owner is safety and protection against the intruders and thieves.  Installing and choosing the best security mechanism is very important. With double glazed insulated glass, this problem is also solved. In comparison to the single glass pane, this option is considered safer against theft or burglary. This is because the unit is sealed properly, so it is quite difficult to break the front door and enter inside the building.

       • Protection to Furnishing

    The sunlight does not enter the building premises directly. This helps in protecting the furniture from sun rays such as curtains, carpets, and sofas. So, it prevents the fading of all the furnishings because of direct sunlight.

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