7 Reasons to Choose Portcullis Timber Doors

7 Reasons to Choose Portcullis Timber Doors


    While dreaming about the sweet home security comes first so the strong outer doors can give the ideal solution against the social behavior. Portcullis timber doors in London can provide you the balanced secure ambiance along with the aesthetics. For many years these wooden doors are providing a successful and ideal solution for people.

    After the range of wooden shopfronts in London, ADV has also set its standard in offering portcullis doors that meet the building regulations of the UK about having secure door set.

    We offer the unusual designs that are manufactured for the security purposes so can be the ideal alternatives for housing projects still people are confused about the suitability of thee unusual dooring solutions.

    Do the portcullis door really beneficial for housing projects?

    These timber doors are having various benefits if installed in the houses such as

    1. Portcullis doors can provide the warmer look to the houses which is not possible to have with the steel or aluminum doors as these doors give a cold or more institutional look to the house so for the more inviting and warmer look one must choose the timber doors.
    2. Timber doors are more secure, durable and reliable solution for houses as these doors can give you better weather resistant if you have periodic refinishing of these doors against UV rays exposure. As we need the periodic wooden shopfront repair to have the long lasting solution for the façade of shop same is applied for the timber doors for houses.
    3. Maintenance of these doors is easier and lesser as compared to the steel or aluminum doors
    4. These doors can be installed with glazing panels as per the choice of customers so that along with security best aesthetics can be achieved.
    5. These doors give you the higher specification right as you can have the customized design with the glazing, size, color, designing, finishing, ironmongery like options s you can have the best fit for your dream house with these timber doors
    6. These are also a cost-effective solution for the housing projects as you can have the solution as per your budget and even these doors require less maintenance so can be proved as the one-time investment for the houses.

    If you want the sleek, light, strong and secure solution for your house then these doors are the best fit for the housing projects.

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