6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminum For Your Doors And Windows

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminum For Your Doors And Windows


Wondering which material to use for framing your precious doors and windows?

Well, you could choose from PVC or wood but you will never go wrong with aluminum.

It is a well-known fact that Aluminum is a top choice for doors and windows. They are a significant addition as the frame for windows. They are equally good for installation in shopfronts and homes. Aluminum Shop Fronts are a common sight these days and you will find them at every nook and corner. Aluminum Doors are a common fixture at homes .Homeowners using this material will swear by the advantages it offers.

1.Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency is higher in aluminum.It prevents heat loss by about 60% which means a lower bill amount in your electricity bill. They offer the perfect heat and acoustic insulation which are in accordance with the modern day building resolutions.

2.Low maintenance

As it is a corrosion-free material, it calls for minimum maintenance. In addition, they are resistant to the harsh effects of natural elements. They are unlikely to crack, split or swell like wood. They are quite durable and last for years.

3. Cost-effective

They are best suited to your pocket as you don’t need a high amount to buy it. It is much stronger than PVC and wood and proves to be the most cost-effective and affordable material for windows and doors.

4. A flexible option

Aluminum offers the maximum flexibility as it can be reshaped and redesigned into many shapes and customized according to your needs.

5. A Recyclable  material

It can be recycled at just 5 % of the initial energy required to process it. This feature sets it apart as a wonderful option for use indoors and windows.

6. Fine finish

It is available in finishes of many kinds-you could choose from powder coating or other options available in the market-pearl, timber or metallic.

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