3 Different Ways to Expand Life of Fire Roller Shutter

3 Different Ways to Expand Life of Fire Roller Shutter


    Fire rated shutters are valuable to prevent your belongings from fire. These are also useful to prevent spreading fire to other parts of the building. However, you need to keep them in good condition for durable service. In this guide we are going to give you some tips to expand the life of the shutter.

    Fire roller shutters are beneficial to secure your belongings from fire. These shutters not only offer you safety feature but also slow the progress of the fire so that it cannot damage your property. You may not know that these fire shutters also have an expiry date, so you need to maintain them in a good condition for durable service. You can also get from professionals if you are experiencing any serious conditions related to fire roller shutter.

    Here are some maintenance tips for your fire-rated shutter.

    Do not pain all the section of the door.

    If you are thinking to paint your fire door, then you must keep some things in your mind. You do not pain all the sections of the door so that left parts can work properly. Parts, that you have to leave are-:

    • Curtains
    • Guides
    • Fusible links

    If you paint them, then these may lead to problems and avoid functioning properly.

    Do not repair your door at home

    If your fire shutter experience malfunctions and do not function properly, then you do not repair it at home. In case, your door drops because of an emergency, or it may experience a power failure or some other problems, then you call professionals. Since they have a great deal of knowledge about fire doors, that they will surely give you the best results. If you repair it at home, then you may experience a severe problem and your shutter may stop working properly. So, it is necessary to call reputed repair service company for repair of the door.

    Go with annual expectations.

    As we stated above maintenance matters a lot, so you need to keep your door in a good condition for better functioning. You must go with annual inspection service, this is not only valuable to keep your door in good health but it may also be required as per laws.

    First of all, you must contact professionals in order to get your area code. Then check all the rules, regulations, and laws of the city for safety. After then talk to professionals, so that you can get the best repair service.

    If you are struggling to find the best repair service company, then just call us once, so that we can guide you properly according to your door problem. We will also guide you on how to maintain them in a good condition for durable service.

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